Replace Traditional File Servers

Replace Traditional File Servers Speed and Security without the Sacrifice

Traditional file servers provide fast local access and robust user permissions, but are difficult to access with mobile devices and require management overhead to maintain. Distributed organizations find file sharing between offices challenging using traditional methods. Egnyte Connect provides the ability to store, share, access and backup files using an online file server that can be synchronized with local storage. This 'no compromise' solution delivers speed and security without the setup cost and administrative complexity of traditional file servers.

Egnyte Connect supports a hybrid deployment that works great as a cloud-only solution, but can also sync between the Egnyte Cloud File Server and on-premises repositories. The Egnyte hybrid approach can scale to meet the needs of individual users and remote offices of any size. Individual users can install the Egnyte Desktop App on their PC or Mac to enable continuous file backup with online access to their content. Larger locations can deploy Storage Sync on Netgear ReadyNAS network attached storage devices, or on VMware virtual machines to provide on-premises storage repositories for any business scenario.

Case Study: Balfour Beatty

Business Benefits of Egnyte Cloud File Server

Reduce Costs

Businesses can save money and reduce administrative overhead by utilizing Egnyte to replace existing file servers. Existing storage and NAS devices combined with Egnyte software provide local storage capacity that is easier to deploy and maintain. Typically expenses for file server software, maintenance and human resources are approximately five times the original hardware expense. Subscription costs with Egnyte are frequently an order of magnitude less than the total cost of an in-house file server.

Securely Access Files from Any Computer or Device

Mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows mobile allow users to access their files from any smartphone or tablet. Files can also be accessed via a web browser. Users have the option to use the Egnyte Connect Desktop App to access personal and shared files directly from their desktop. This provides them with intuitive drag and drop file access that fits into any workflow.

All user permissions are uniformly enforced across all access methods. Due to data control and visibility, file access for non-employees is limited to web browser and mobile access only. More on file access

Local Cloud Provides Offline Access

Egnyte's hybrid technology allows fast access to on-premises files, even if the Internet is unavailable. It can be deployed on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, Netgear NAS devices or as a VMWare virtual appliance. Individuals will use the Egnyte Connect Desktop App while to office locations will deploy Storage Sync. Files can be downloaded to iPad, iPhone and Android for convenient access. More on Egnyte Hybrid Deployments

Powerful Online File Sharing

Egnyte provides powerful capabilities to enable employees and partners to collaborate. Egnyte Cloud File Server enables the company to set up a central scheme for sharing folders and files.

Users with folder admin rights have the ability to set up shared sub-folders and grant access permissions to teams and individuals. For example, the administrator can define a departmental folder for Finance, one for Sales and Marketing, etc. Folder access is controlled using granular access permissions (read only, read/write, read/write/delete). Access can be granted to employees across distributed offices, business partners and clients, providing one central collaboration point from any location.

Employees can easily share files and folders using links. These URL links can easily be emailed, embedded in a .PDF, Word document or made available on any third-party application or website such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Designed specifically for use with large files or when users want to share a file with a large number of users, files are automatically downloaded from the cloud file server when a recipient clicks on the link; there’s no need to require them to log in to Egnyte. Users can also choose to have the link expire after a chosen time period (e.g. 7 days) or after the link has been clicked a specific number of times.

Additional features are available to enable collaboration:

  • File Locking - Files can be locked for editing to prevent two users from making changes at the same time.
  • File Versions - File versions are automatically created as users make changes, enabling a complete audit trail of file changes.
  • Notifications - An automated system of notifications keeps users informed about changes in the files.

More about file sharing

Central Administration & Reporting

Egnyte Cloud File Server access can be managed and controlled by one or more designated administrators. The administrator has the authority to create and manage all user information on the online file server, including passwords. For example, the administrator can quickly remove access rights if an employee leaves the company. All access to files is based on permissions set by the administrator, therefore ensuring that employees and partners only see relevant files and folders when using the online file server.

Egnyte provides a rich set of reports manage and monitor the usage of the account. Reports provide information ranging from storage utilization, to access audits (who has permissions to view what files) and full transaction history on the server (who uploaded, downloaded, or deleted files and folders). More on central administration & reporting

Security & Privacy

Egnyte Cloud File Server is hosted in world-class facilities, which are Tier III, SSAE 16 compliant. Egnyte further encrypts all data during access and storage. Egnyte's architecture has built-in redundancy, maintaining multiple copies of data to protect against hardware failures. Regulatory compliance with HIPAA and FINRA guidelines provide assurance to financial services and health care organizations. Adherence to the EU Privacy Shield Framework enables Egnyte to address online storage needs for European customers. More on security & privacy

Integrates with Active Directory, Google Docs, Microsoft Outlook, and more

Egnyte integrates with existing tools, such as Active Directory and SAML 2.0, saving time in creating and managing users. Egnyte can also integrate with the company’s mail server, providing a more customized appearance to all notifications and messages sent from the Egnyte online file server. Users can utilize integrations with Microsoft Office, Google G Suite, Salesforce, SAP, and many others. More about integrations

Branding & Customization

Whether sharing files with clients or internally, many organizations customize the user interface to reinforce their corporate identity. Egnyte provides a rich set of capabilities for custom branding. Uploading logos and changing colors can customize the look and feel of the interface. Further, the URL can also be customized to link it easily to corporate domains. More about branding & customization